Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stench From The Dumpster

A follow up on the Salt Lake dumpster dive story: it seems that it is shoot the messenger time:

The lawsuit filed Wednesday against KSL alleges its coverage was inaccurate.
"It wasn't a Dumpster, it was a recycling bin," said Brenda Flanders, a lawyer representing the company. "And it wasn't 20 feet from the sidewalk."
The bin was "out of the public domain" and its contents are collected by a company that shreds the documents inside, the lawsuit asserts. "At no time is the recycle bin subject to public dissemination," it claims.
Sheryl Worsley, managing editor of KSL Newsradio, said the station stands by its story. "The records were accessible to anyone," she said in a statement. "We found them in plain view, near a busy street, in an open recycling dumpster just 20 feet from the sidewalk and right next to a fast food restaurant drive-through."
The property was not marked private or fenced off, she said. The site was visited at least six times, and each time, the bin "was unlocked, sometimes with the lid wide open," she added.

Lame, lame, lame. And they would have gotten away with it to, if it weren't for those pesky kids.

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