Sunday, December 03, 2006

Milk Shake

Just when you think you have seen everything, comes some new and impossibly talented interpretation of HIPAA--- "Lampert Smith: UW boobs when it comes to breasts"

Unlike in 2001, when Cooper was born, Amy Olson was turned away this fall when she wanted to sit in a Camp Randall Stadium first-aid station to pump her breast milk during the game.

Frankly, UW-Madison administrators are being boobs about this.

Doug Beard, senior associate athletic director, said the difference is that the federal health information privacy rules (HIPAA) went into effect in the meantime.

If UW-Madison was to let nursing mothers into the first-aid station, Beard said they would invade the privacy of other patients.

"We feel it's totally inappropriate," Beard said. "We're tending to the ill and the sick" in the first-aid stations.

So what?

"My breast is hanging out," Olson said. "I'll see your medical emergency, and you'll see my breast."

I am in awe. This Doug Beard is like the Albert Einstien of HIPAA abusers. This might just be my favorite use of HIPAA for a stupid unintended excuse ever.

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