Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How Can I Miss You

Regulars to this site will have noticed that my posting has been light lately. I have been working on a fairly lengthy paper on compliance transparency and it has been taking far too much of my HIPAA energy. It should be done sometime next week, and then I'll be back to my usual irregular posting :)

Blinded by the Light

Here is what people say when they have been terrified by HIPAA training:

You know you can go to jail," firefighter Jim Robertson told the Potterville-Benton Township Fire Board. "You know you can go to jail if you have a HIPAA (federal privacy law) violation."

Yeah, except nobody ever has.

Too Much Love

Interesting piece by Phillip Alexander in Security Park titled "The Dangers of Too Much Data Privacy"-- while I don't entirely agree with him, he brings ups some good points.

The private sector as a whole has not always been responsible stewards of the non-public personal information that consumer entrust to them. It is axiomatic that when the private sector fails to act responsibly, the public sector will enact regulations to mandate changes in behavior. The slew of highly publicized data breaches and the accompanying public outcry are at least partially responsible for the stampede of data privacy laws passed in recent years.

By the way, just in general Security Park has some cool stuff.