Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Now or Never

I am a little late on this, but here are more final rules.

SHRMOnline has this excellent summary:

The 43 pages of final rules do not change the 2001 interim rules or the proposed rules on wellness programs. Instead, they finalize the 2001 interim rules from the DOL, HHS and Treasury and are designed to clarify some ambiguities regarding wellness programs, make some changes in terminology and organization, and add a description of wellness programs that are not required to satisfy additional standards.

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Michael Wagner said...

Just had to stop by when I saw the name of your blog site and say, "What a great name!"

I remember being in a meeting about HIPAA with 50 really bright health care professionals in Missouri.

After the HIPAA expert finished her presentation I was next up.

My first question to group was - "who understand HIPAA now?"

No one raised their hand.

I felt their pain.

Again, great name and looks like a helpful site for an important subject.

Keep creating,