Sunday, December 03, 2006

Get your Kicks

Tell us what you really think: (from the gripe column at the Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia Herald-Mail)

"HIPAA and the HIPAA regulations are the worst thing that has ever happened in the U.S. - worse than any type of foreign war, worse than any scourge or plague or anything else. HIPAA is ridiculous, and should be abolished at all costs. I understand the reasoning behind it, but as is typical in this country, we cannot do things middle-of-the-road; things that make sense. We have to go to one extreme or another. HIPAA is an extreme measure, and needs to be abolished and repealed as soon as possible. Hopefully, with a changeover in Congress, this will be reconsidered. I urge you, if you have loved ones who are ill or disabled or anything along those lines, please call your congressmen. Ask them to repeal or roll back HIPAA now. Spoken from someone who has been adversely affected by HIPAA."

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