Thursday, March 01, 2007

One (hu)'man One Vote

This is wrong in so many ways! Professional breach, HIPAA violation and most likely election law violation too. (My wife is a candidate for city council here on the opposite corner of the country, and while state laws vary, the allowable sources of voter information are usually pretty narrow.)

In her zeal to drum up votes for her husband, Loretta Jason said she used the customer list at Publix's pharmacy, where she works, to get the unlisted home number of a Dania Beach family to ask for their votes in the city's Feb. 13 primary

I have a great deal of sympathy for the poor lady, who after all was just trying to help her husband make a difference. Still, some pretty poor judgement on her part, poor enough that I tend to think she wasn't entirely unaware, and perhaps just didn't think she would get caught.

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pharmdatamining said...

She lives near me.
I'm changing pharmacies now! Doh!