Thursday, March 01, 2007

What's Goin' On

Can anybody make sense of this? Something is off, but there just isn't enough infrormation as to what exactly is going on:
In one case, Mary Dykton, a rehab patient at St. Vincent since her 2003 elective open-heart surgery in Albuquerque, came to know and respect Andermann over the course of regular visits to the hospital gym. When Andermann departed suddenly for England, Dykton asked gym staff for news about Andermann and her father’s health. In doing so, she told one hospital staffer “that I knew what was going on.” Dykton says her comment was in reference to Andermann’s father’s health. But it was interpreted to mean that Dykton, a patient, knew about the hospital’s disciplinary action against Andermann.

In a Jan. 8 letter to St. Vincent CEO Alex Valdez, Dykton refutes the allegation that Andermann ever divulged inappropriate information to her. According to Dykton, Valdez has yet to respond to the letter.

Another former cardiac rehab patient, Santa Fe attorney Jeff Brannen, became a gym regular “because you get to know the people who work there, not because the gym is a great place.”

But after Andermann approached Brannen “as a friend” for a lawyer referral, “Someone there from cardio rehab recognized me as a patient, and apparently by giving her the name of another attorney, that somehow constituted independent grounds for termination,” Brannen says, shaking his head in disbelief.

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