Monday, September 26, 2005

Woo-Hah--- Got You All In Check

At the University of Arizona, they are taking HIPAA compliance seriously:

"During "spot checks" she observes activities in the waiting area while disguised as a typical student or patient, Poole said. "I'll put on my jeans and a T-shirt and pull my hair up on top of my head," Poole said.
Unannounced visits also serve the purpose of ensuring that the behavior Poole observes during evaluations is maintained on a daily basis, answering the question, "Did they put on a show because I was coming in, or is this really the way it's done?" Poole said."

As well as keeping very good track of what is going on, they are experimenting with computer kiosks for checking in for appointments (rather than saying your name to a receptionist) and light up pagers for when it is that patient's turn. I like to see this level of creativity, and from the reactions of the students affected who were interviewed, patients seem to appreciate it to.


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HIPAA Compliance