Monday, September 12, 2005

Good Luck Charm

Here are some folks who seem to have their act pretty much together:

"Robert Merritt was worried about the medical ID bracelet he left behind at a hospital.
The bracelet, put on his arm as part of the hospital's routine, contained personal information, including his Social Security number.
After a few days at home, Merritt went back to the hospital, where the administrator put him at ease. The bracelet, he was told, was shredded.
"They were pretty thorough from what I saw," Merritt said."

Read the whole thing, it is an example of both a pretty good article, and a hospital administration who is concerned for patient privacy, and interested in taking advantage of the technologies already available. Remember, this sort of tech is an investment, not an expense. Wisely spent, your tech dollars will return themselves quite nicely in efficiencies, as well as provide some much appreciated regulatory CYA.

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