Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fight from the Inside

Okay, I have been harping on this forever, but you know, it isn't some spike-haired superhacker who is going to snatch your data. This very well written article from Insurance Networking News:

"Circumstances surrounding the majority of insiders who committed acts of sabotage and their resultant acts of destruction followed similar paths:
* The attack was triggered by a negative work-related event.
* Insiders planned their attack in advance.
* When hired, perpetrators had been granted system administrator or privileged access (one-half did not have authorized access at time of incident).
* They used unsophisticated methods for exploiting systemic vulnerabilities in applications, processes and/or procedures.
* They compromised computer accounts, created unauthorized backdoor accounts, or used shared accounts in their attacks.
* They used remote access to carry out some of the attacks.
* The attacker was detected only after there was a noticeable irregularity in the information system, or when a system became unavailable."

Read the whole thing, please.

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