Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Baby Said

From the Fort Wayne News Sentinal comes this amusing and actually informed article:

"Just when I thought common sense was prevailing, my daughter, six months pregnant, told me of her recent experience at a Fort Wayne hospital. When going there for an outpatient test, the registration clerk asked her to sign a form stating she AND her baby had been informed of their privacy rights under HIPAA.
“My baby hasn’t been informed about anything,” my daughter said.

Both attorneys, she and her husband first thought the request “was a joke,” they said. But in all seriousness the clerk said the hospital had instituted the policy after another pregnant patient complained her unborn child had not been made aware of his or her privacy rights."

Most of the time, stuff like this is a training issue. When it isn't, there is always a back story. Sadly, to the patient, it just looks like more weird regulation.

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