Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Protect Ya Neck

I hereby declare July as Security Compliance Month-- we'll have a parade, an award show, and a Security Rule Film Festival. While I work out the details, entertain yourself with this from Ramon Padilla Jr. at Tech Republic:
"However, as it is now, the temptation is there for others to gamble on not getting caught—and, in the process, to gamble with your career. When it comes time to request funding for HIPAA compliance, it might go like this: "Well Bob, I see your budget request for us to comply with the HIPAA security standards is pretty large. I'm afraid we can't handle that. "Do the best that you can."
But whose head will be on the chopping block once a security complaint is filed and it is leaked to the press? You can bet it won't be the person who denied your funding!"
Good points from Ramone--- remember, Ken Lay is still playing golf with his cronies while his Enron underlings are all residents at the Gray Bar Inn.

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