Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I've Just Seen a Face

A pretty good white paper in Information Week from Citrix about security compliance:
"...some of the common top-of-mind topics that CIOs in this industry face include:
  • Patient Safety.
  • Loss of cash flow from an inability to bill because the network is down.
  • Unauthorized release or use of PHI from external or internal threats.
  • Temporary unavailability of data to critical systems that impairs patient safety.
  • Growth in the number of users with wired and wireless access devices.
  • Installing the latest patch upgrades.
  • Integrating new systems with legacy systems.
  • Rapid identification and response to problems.
  • Monitoring patient data for early signs of potential terrorist or bio-terrorism events.
  • Interpreting and adopting new information technology compliance mandates."
Vendor white papers are usually about pushing their own product, so read between the lines. This one has some good info, though, so it is worth your scan.

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