Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stupid Cupid

Now here is a classic hunka hunka burnin' stupid:

NORTH BERGEN -- More than two dozen Palisades Medical Center employees have been suspended for violating Oscar winner George Clooney's patient privacy rights after a motorcycle accident in Weehawken last month, hospital officials said.

A hospital spokesman would not detail the alleged infractions that led to the monthlong suspensions of 27 workers. But a spokeswoman for the union that represents some of the suspended employees said the violations ranged from workers who accessed Clooney's health records to others who went into his room to shake his hand.

The suspended workers acted "inappropriately" in accordance with federal patient confidentiality regulations, spokesman Eurice Rojas said.

"They were suspended for a range of things," Rojas said on Tuesday. "Only direct caregivers should be accessing a patient's file or chart."

I have no sympathy for front line workers who, at this late date think that it okay to oogle someone's health info just because they are famous. I would also fire the person responsible for their training.

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