Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The First Cut Is The Deepest

ID theft is a huge problem, and when it involves medical records, the outcome can sometimes be deadly. But see if you can see the problem with this:

HIPAA also addressed security and privacy of health data, encouraging the widespread use of electronic data interaction.

The danger, however; comes when a thief uses a fraudulent identification to seek health treatment. His history - allergies, blood type, and treatment record - then becomes part of the data stored in the system, and can affect the care of the actual person.

“That's when they start giving me the wrong blood,” Jennings said, adding grimly. “I know a surgeon in Warsaw, Ind., that's removed an appendix from the same person five times.”

Five times? At what point do you notice something wrong? And who in the world is yanking so many appendices, anyway? What sort of patient population would allow for this? And how many is too many? Do you cut them off at some point? "Sorry, this coupon has a limit of three per customer."
Somehow I think someone is exaggerating for effect, don't you?

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