Monday, March 06, 2006

That, that dude looks like a lady

Passed on to you, wishing that I found tips like this one in my in-box every monday.

From: Privacy and the Female Impersonator

...It has to do with the HIPPA laws stating that only the patient or insured involved in the issue may speak with an insurance company or health facility on the phone. So, let’s say a husband is trying to sort something out for a sick wife and calls the insurance company.
“It happened to me,” said Cliff P., a friend who was told by an insurance firm that he could not speak for his wife. So, he hung up, called back and said he was Mrs. P.
Cliff, whose voice is a definite baritone, didn’t even bother to hike up his Jockeys.
“I just told them I was my wife,” he recounts. “They handled the business with no problem. How can they question me? What are they gonna say, my voice isn’t feminine enough? That would be an insult, an invasion of my privacy.”
Note to other spouses in similar situations: this may not be legal or even ethical, but it sounds like it might get the job done.
Note to the authorities: Cliff has left the country to debut his act in a Rio nightclub.

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