Thursday, March 09, 2006

After the Flood

Got a disaster plan? Other than running in circles and wailing? You better:

According to government studies, two out of five companies that experience a disaster go out of business within five years. If disaster strikes a medical practice, the practice administrator must ensure that business continues in an efficient manner. Downtime means delayed or inaccessible medical records, which impact patient safety and satisfaction, the practice's reputation as well as decreased revenue and productivity. Additionally, HIPAA mandates contingency plans for practice disasters including backup, storage and recovery.

If there is one thing that current events teaches us, it is that we are on our own in the crunch. If you are going to be able to continue to serve your clients after some catastophic event, whether a hurricane, flood, or the janitor tripping over the power cord and frying your server, you need to have a plan. It isn't just the law--- your patients need their information, and you may be the only source for identifying what "that blue pill I take on Thursdays" really is.

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