Monday, May 09, 2005

Start Me Up

Everybody loves HIPAA, right?
But not everybody is confident that they are loving it in the best way.
Compliance is a major issue for many of us, and understanding just how things like the new Enforcement Rule, and the Security deadline affects us is a major headache.
The recent study from Information Technology Solution Providers Alliance shows that only 30 percent of health plans and 18 percent of health care providers are in compliance. Chances are, you are working for one of those 82 percent who are not in compliance, else you wouldn't be here.
Those kind of numbers tell me one thing--- in the words of the great HIPAA guru Benjamin Franklin, "We must hang together or we shall surely hang separately."
So come hang with me--- let's see if over the next little while we can define our main issues, work some solutions, and just generally figure out what to do and where to go with this new relationship!

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