Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Money Money Money Money

More banking goodness. The first (that we know of) exploit of SWIFT was on the Bank of Bangladesh, and supposedly involved 3 separate exploits, according to SANS. This one is newish and just as disturbing.

Vietnam's Tien Phong Bank came forward claiming to be the second bank that was attacked with a fake message sent through The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) messaging system.
According to CNBC, Tien Phong said in a statement Sunday it had identified and stopped a suspicious request made through SWIFT to transfer $1.1 million. The bank said the transfer request came through a third-party vendor it uses to connect to the SWIFT system. While the vendor was not named, Tien Phong said it is has switched to another company.
SWIFT announced last week that a second bank had been targeted, but did not identify the institution. In February hackers breached The Bangladesh Central Bank, stealing credentials needed to authorize payment transfers via the SWIFT messaging system from the country's monetary reserves in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to fraudulent accounts based in the Philippines and Sri Lanka. (from SC Magazine)
Might be cash under the mattress time, or should I use an old coffee can and bury it out back? Do they still sell coffee in cans?

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