Tuesday, April 12, 2016

There's a Kind of Hush

I just received, from a major training company, an offer for their latest product--- a computer-based training on security for end users. It seems reasonably priced, at a little less than 50 bucks per user---- which is much more than most companies are willing to spend on something like this, reasonable or not, at least until they have a major expensive data breach and then the perspective changes. But the money phrase was hidden in the littl clip below:

Business owners and IT departments beware: your users are the weakest link of your computer and information security plan. Show all your users this training, plus make it a part of new user orientation, and you'll see benefits and cost savings across the board...

...Every company with a computer needs this series. These 6 hours of training videos can be invaluable in strenghtening your security's weakest link.

Six hours? I can hardly get users to sit still for 15 minutes, once a quarter, and I am a pretty dynamic speaker. The whole point of training is to cause the trainee to, you know... learn something. Six butt-numbing hours of computer-based training for users who resent anything concerning that blinking box that interferes with their actual job is somehow a good idea?
Wow. Just wow.

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