Thursday, September 13, 2007

No, No, No, No

Ha! This is really pushing the HIPAA envelope--- that a hospital name is protected under HIPAA! Talk about a prime Golden Hippo candidate!

Gunther Slaton, President of GSI states ... "GSI is engaged in a project with nine separate hospitals and are working on due diligence for analysis and funding for healthcare accounts receivable. This is part of the ever- increasing market share for GSI for funding of receivables in the $2-trillion+ healthcare market. The names are withheld due to confidentiality requirements and HIPAA rules. Progress reports will be made as this project moves forward. We can categorically state that this project involves the largest amount of receivables for a single project in the history of GSI."

I am guessing that there either isn't really all that many hospitals involved, that the deal isn't really done, or that there is some other factor that makes them want to hide the name of the hospitals. Any of these reasons are likely, but if I were an investor, I'd be asking why the folks in this deal have so little understanding of regulations that they deal with every single day.

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