Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kansas City Star

From the Kansas City Star, here is another case of HIPAA as a convenient excuse. An EMT got permission to post photos of an accident from the victims as a traffic safty example. He was suspended for violating the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Except with permission, there was no violation.

In the district's letter to Drennan, obtained by the Kirksville Daily Express, district officials accuse Drennan of disclosing protected patient information, violating ethics rules regarding patient confidentiality and committing an act that brings discredit on the district and questions its safe operation.

While the letter doesn't spell out the protected information, Drennan said ambulance district Chief Jason Albert told him the suspension was linked to the photos and online comments.

Albert said the suspension was based on other factors besides the photos but wouldn't comment further, saying it is still an internal personnel matter.

Other factors. Indeed. Without the HIPAA violation, which apparently didn't occur, would they have been able to suspend him? HIPAA is just so danged convenient!

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