Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mr. Roboto

Interesting discussion in CXOToday.com about identity management:

Frost & Sullivan added that apart from aiding regulatory compliance and security issues, identity management would enhance operational efficiency of enterprises, reduce costs and also enable risk management. A high level service centric identity management solution will have features including automated audits, attestations, consistent access and provisioning, an ability to manage change automatically and full delegation.

As organizations open their networks for increasing numbers of employees, customers and partners, companies will face the challenge of providing accounts to multiple users with an appropriate level of access to applications and resources. Large enterprises then begin to demand comprehensive identity and access management solutions which can provide self-service to end users in a secure environment while addressing all aspects of user administration, authentication and access control, claimed the study.

As a commenter points out, identity management is just one step in protecting your information, but it is a very imortant one.

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