Thursday, July 13, 2006

What a Wonderful World

I don't know much biology, but I do know that the data security problems of universities is completely out of hand. I didn't realize that 1/3 of all data loss comes from acedemia:

WAKEUP CALL. It can sometimes take an incident like this to jolt you out of the theoretical. I've been in the network security industry for nearly two decades and am familiar with the latest technology, trends, and what-have-you. But this time, it's hitting home. And certainly not just for UT alumni: Data thieves are helping themselves to personal data at schools across the nation, as the recent penetration of three Ohio University servers holding the SSNs of 137,000 people, attests.

The writer of the article calls for new regulation, but we know that regulation won't protect your data--- you have to do that.

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