Friday, February 17, 2006

Mind on Our Money

Think protecting your data is expensive? It could cost as much as 15 times as much to respond to a breach---

A September 2005 report by Gartner Inc. states that "a company with at least 100,000 customer accounts to protect can spend, in the first year, as little as $6 per account for just data encryption or as much as $16 per customer account for data encryption, host-based intrusion prevention and strong security audits combined. This compares with an expenditure of at least $90 per customer account when data is compromised or exposed during a breach."
Thus, by approaching security as an opportunity rather than as a burden, an organization can stay ahead of criminals, competitors, reporters and regulators; reduce or avoid cost over time; and transform data security into a strategic advantage for the organization.

That's some mighty simple math for you. A lot of us have to go before the bean-counters to jsutify spending even the smallest amount on things we know to be important, but because many of those things are difficult to explain, we don't always get the tools or resources we need. Put like this, however, we are speaking their language; dollars and cents.

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