Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Locked Down

Here is an answer to a question I am often asked about the security of USB devices:

Ecora, Portsmouth, NH, has brought out a new version of its endpoint security system, Ecora DeviceLock V 5.73, which allows administrators to "white list" select USB devices and assign the white listed devices to users and groups while locking out all other devices...
Devices in the white list can now be assigned to users and groups providing more granular control over which users have access to what USB devices on their computers. One user can be allowed to use a certain device, while another user can't use it on the same computer.

You will still have to control what goes on them, and it is still a favorite nightmare that a Geek Stick left in a lab coat will end up at the cleaners where some felon working out his work-release can get his hands on all of the PHI accessed by that doctor over the last six weeks. It is still important to encrypt those handy little doo-dads.

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