Friday, December 02, 2005

Two Dice and a Silent Disguise

Unintentional Truth Department---- from TMCnet:

The scramble to comply with legislated security initiatives such as the Final Rule of the Health Insurance Potability and Accountability Act...

Yes, many of us find parts of HIPAA hard to swallow.

Over all, though shot through with annoying typos, this article provides a pretty good overview of many of the issues of compliance and enforcement of the Security Rule, including many of the reasons many of us are less than fully compliant.
Here is the money quote:

According to Amith Viswanathan, a healthcare industry analyst at Frost and Sullivan, private practices “rely heavily on their venders to be complaint” ... as opposed to actively pursuing compliance themselves.

Relying on your vendors to make you compliant is like driving without insurance, and hoping if you do get in an accident, that the other driver is covered.

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