Monday, November 07, 2005

When I'm President

I am a little frightened by this--- President Bush is using the same examples here that I use when explaining privacy and portability issues:

'If you live in Ohio and you have to go down to Florida and you get in an automobile accident, an electronic medical record means your data (are transmitted) to the doctor in the emergency room ... just like that, as opposed to calling somebody, getting them out of bed, asking `could you please go find so-and-so`s file` and transmitting the information -- a speedy response to an emergency saves lives,' Bush said after touring the Cleveland Clinic last January.
'I`m sure people are out there saying, `I don`t want my medical records floating around so somebody can pick them up,`' the president continued. 'I presume I`m like most Americans -- I think my medical records should be private. I don`t want people prying into them, I don`t want people looking at them, I don`t want people opening them up unless I say it`s fine ... to do so.'

I would guess that Uncle George and I are seldom in agreement. Even so, it is a good example, and the article it comes from, in Monster and Critics, is a good one to show someone who isn't getting why this HIPAA stuff is all that important.

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