Monday, October 17, 2005

In the Lap of the Gods Revisited

I keep harping on this, but you know, its true: the greatest danger to your confidential information, including PHI, is from within. From

A new survey of Global 2000 professionals suggests laptops are most likely to be lost or stolen at work. And 90% of those missing devices contain confidential business information, such as sensitive e-mails, network passwords and proprietary documents. Add in that 82% are never recovered, and you've got a lot of corporate secrets circulating in the open.

It does no good to secure your fixed systems with encryption, multi-layer passwords, and biometrics and leave it possible for someone to just lift the keys to the kingdom in an unsecured laptop, PDA, or even web-enable cell phone or other convergent device. The worst part?

"When looking at how the respondents commented on their stolen laptop, many mentioned the physical security of the device but no one mentioned the information security of the device. In most circumstances, the information value contained on the laptop far outweighs the hardware/software value."


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