Thursday, June 16, 2005

Practice Makes Perfect

Some excellent practical suggestions on wireless from ComputerWorld---

"Stehman listed several best practices executives can follow to avoid compliance problems. Among them are making sure of the following:
  • All user devices are tested and certified by the IT staff prior to being connected to the wireless network.
  • Help desk support personnel receive hands-on training for all of the wireless devices certified by IT staffers.
  • Wireless users are briefed on how to comply with enterprise security requirements.
  • All wireless-enabled applications pass security and performance requirements prior to being deployed.
  • All wireless applications have a designated owner."

More stuff like this is needed--- there is no end of articles telling us about encryption, types of attacks, wireless protocols and technical stuff that you and I love, but to the users is just more crap in the way of doing their job.
(Shamelessly crossposted from my other blog KeepItSafe.)

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